May 25, 2021

Constitution School

Students at the one-room Constitution School posed for a photograph at the door to the building in 1908-09. Their teacher was Miss Allie Deming, daughter of Wallace and Martha Wood Deming and a lifelong resident of Constitution. She was educated in the class of the renowned John D. Phillips in Harmar before embarking on her teaching career. In 1907, Miss Allie moved in with her sister, Lottie Blue, whose home was just a short walk from Constitution School. She was a charter member of the Constitution Methodist Church and taught the Always Ready Sunday School Class. Miss Allie’s death came from a sudden heart attack at the age of 64, when one morning she went out to feed her chickens and was later found lying next to the chicken coop.

Row 1: Edith Perdew Ramp (1899-1973), Mabel Reid (1903-1983), Mabel Ritchie Meredith (1902-1977), Edith Pitts Murrey (1900-1986), Lyda Morgan Palmer (1899-1970), Carrie Ritchie Sprague (1898-1958).

Row 2: Lester Cochran (1900-1989), Leslie Ritchie (1900-1976), Glen Oesterle (1900-1963), Chancy Waterman (1901-1921), Arthur Olmstead (1902-1947), Lois Olmstead Nicks (1900-1985), Ivy Olmstead Eaton (1899-1926), Gertrude Roberts Cumblidge (1903-1982), Mary Reid Coffman (1899-1973).

Row 3: William Farley (1895-1965), William Parks (1895-1956), Lawrence Cochran (1898-1963), Edgar Morgan (1896-1973), Drusie Chalfant Crimmel (1894-1988).

Row 4: Raymond Robinson (1897-1922), Clarence Roberts (1897-1982), unidentified, Edith Oesterle Wagner (1891-1951), Bertha Hall Lineberger (1897-1982).

Row 5: Lawrence Berry (1893-1909), Clinton Oesterle (1894-1948), Raymond Pitts (1893-1978), unidentified.

Row 6: Hugh Roberts (1895-1958), teacher Allie Deming (1870-1934).

The schoolhouse stood not far from the Methodist Church on what is now Constitution Lane (Warren Township 702), just off Veto Road (Washington County 3).